Zanita was my best friend for 10 years. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and she was beside me every time I was home and wherever I could take her. She was my inspiration to create these retreats to enable me to spend more time with her and give up my 9 - 5. Sadly I didn't achieve this before she had to cross the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year, however I know she would want me to continue this journey and make the changes to my life which she would have enjoyed with me. 


Hi, I'm Glenda, I am pleased to welcome you to Zanita's retreats! A little bit about me - I'm a qualified Pilates instructor and have my own studio at my home, how lucky am I! I am also a qualified accountant and still work part time in this role, mainly from home on the Ranch where the retreats are held.

I have created a few special retreats which I hope you will like. They will be exclusive and limited to only 4 individuals at a time so that I can ensure quality at an affordable price. Contact me if there is something you would like added or if I can help in any other way! 

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